Slice is the ultimate shopping companion you’ll ever need

Slice is the ultimate shopping companion you’ll ever need to keep track of your purchases and save money after your purchases.  The beauty of Slice is that it works in the background.

Once you authorize your emails (Gmail or Yahoo etc.), it will

  • Manages all your purchases – know what, when and from where you bought the item.  It also stores your receipts so you can easily find them later.
  • Track your orders – after you buy, Slice will keep an eye and follow packages in one place.
  • Tracks price drops – receive alerts if the item you bought is reduced in price.  So you could potential get a price adjustment or get a discount.
  • Shopping analysis – know where you are spending your money.

Example of one such price drop alert is what I received in my email today -

Slice - Price Drop Alert Email

Slice – Price Drop Alert Email

In the example above, the item was FREE after rebate with an original price of $9.99. It seems like that original price is now reduced to $4.99 without a Mail-in rebate.  I didn’t actually got any savings as the item I bought was FREE after rebate.

But as you can see, the alert email provides all the necessary information you need to get a price adjustment. You may however order another one of these items at a cheaper price.  Pretty cool feature, if you ask me as Slice got my back for any price drops.

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Slice also has apps for iOS and Android devices.  Below is a demo of how Slice works:

Slice was introduced to Techacker audience two years back – here is our complete review of Slice.

Feel free to share this tip with your friends and help them save some money on online purchases.  Women shoppers will specially love this ultimate shopping companion as it makes shopping easy to manage and organize the purchases.