Don’t miss any more TV shows & movies – Watch them online for Free

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Don’t worry if you miss any episode of Family Guy, Arrested Development or any other favorite shows. There are lots of places on the web where you can watch the full episode with very high quality video. Best part, you don’t even have to download anything.
What I am talking is not some torrent, P2P network or anything like that. What I am talking is online streaming of high quality videos. You can watch these videos online on your computer or laptop whenever you want and wherever you want.
If you have connected your computer to a TV already, then you can watch it like any other TV show or movie. That too when you want it.
Below are couple of option you may try and see which is best suited for you:
  1. Hulu: Hulu is one of the 100 Best products of 2008 ranked by PC World. You can watch full screen, high quality videos anytime you want it. Search for what you are looking for and that’s it. Start watching your favorite shows online. You don’t even have to create an account to do so. No need to install anything at all. This in one of my favorite sites in fact.
  2. Fancast: Fancast is another video aggregator site which pull videos, shows and clips from lots of resources online and then put them together for you. Just search for what you are looking for and hopefully you will find the last show you missed. Best part, you can resume where you have been viewing the show when you left off.
  3. Veoh: Veoh is another site where you can get lots of videos, clips and TV shows etc. There are some channels as well you can subscribe to and create your own set of favorites. They have one small application as well to download. But it is not necessary to use, though the application provides a feel of Windows Media Center and the ease of a desktop application.
  4. Joost: On the similar lines, there is another good site for small video clips and user generated videos, You have to download there application to use Joost and watch videos. You have to create a profile too to be able to use it. JoostJoost is based on P2P networking, so in the background it is uploading videos from your machine too. So I will say it is a very resource guzzler sort of application for watching the videos online. Frankly speaking, not all people out there like to install software on their machines. But it is good if you are not that short on computer resources.
  5. Youtube: Finally, who doesn’t know about Everyone who knows Google, will automatically be knowing Youtube. This is one site which supersedes all the video sites available online. You can watch everything you want. Though they prohibit users not to upload TV shows and any other copyrighted commercial, users don’t have permission to share. But I have see lots of such TV shows and other material on Youtube. So it is your luck, you may get your favorite show there.
Other than these few sites every other popular site like MSN, Yahoo and AOL have their own TV and movies portal you may browse. But they will have mostly clips and some episodes. All news sites and TV network like Fox, CBS, ABC & NBC etc. have their own video links as well. In fact there is a hell lot of places you can watch videos online and mostly free of cost.
Go waste some time online but before you do that tell me if you like this article. Have you already been using any of these sites or you heard them the first time on Knowliz. I will appreciate your feedback.

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  • @Julian Hooks:
    Oh that’s a good information I think, Julian.
    I am sure it will help lot of people find what they are looking for. In fact, I could lot of foreign languages movies in Veoh.
    Video quality is great but on Full screen mode it looks a little pixeled…(Did I spell it correctly)

  • I am very happy with Hulu and Veoh. But with Veoh to get the good copyrighted videos, you have to search long and hard, because they name the video files different as to not get taken off the server for infringement…

  • @Rogue:
    I am sorry, I couldn’t understand it better earlier. But it is quite strange that you pay depending on what site you are visiting.
    What kind of plan will that be? Can you please throw some light on that?

    Anurag Bansal

  • No! You misinterpreted me. I said the connection and not youtube. of course youtube is free everywhere. What I mentioned that is free is on connection. We do not need to pay for connection if it is google related… I mean the internet subscription.

  • @Rogue:
    I think Youtube is free to view everywhere. I don’t know of a location where it is paid. I think all Google services are free unless you wanna pay for something extra or something.

    Yes, there are lots of option for P2P which lets you download stuff. But in fact, they rely on your system to upload as well. Clients are like utorrent, Azeurus etc. are resource guzzlers.
    All options mentioned above are for viewing the streaming videos without downloading anything, except Joost.
    Good to know that Emule is one other option for P2P. But so as you know it is available in other countries as well.

    Thanks for reading this article. Keep visiting Knowliz.

  • i use emule and we downloaded it in italy. it is also p2p but i dunno if available in all countries because it seems that the stuffs shared online ae all italian.

  • Hmmm.. i actually use youtube and i am too glad that i do not connection (paid) to view where i is free with connection support coz its google owned.

  • Don’t miss any more TV shows & movies – Watch them online for Free: Don’t worry if you miss any episode o..

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