Fancast Xfinity : A Comcast version of Hulu

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Comcast already has monopoly when it comes to Cable TV in most of the areas in US.  But people have been moving away from Cable TV.  They like watching movies and episodes on Hulu and other online destinations whenever they have time.

That’s why Comcast today launched its own version of Hulu – Fancast Xfinity.  If you are a Comcast internet or TV subscriber, then just login with your Comcast email address and password to access all the content based on your subscription.  To access some premium content like HBO and all you will have to upgrade to Premium level.  If you are not a premium subscriber, then you will see a “KEY” icon on the content not available to you.  Rest everything you can watch online…

But now, you are free to watch your favorite show when you want it.  If you missed your favorite episode because of the party at friends house, well, now you can still watch it on Fancast. Check out other places you can watch FREE movies and full episodes.

The Fancast site has loads of full length shows, movies and other content.  So think of it as a web version of On Demand TV service.  Just connect your laptop to HDTV and watch high quality shows from Fancast.  Let us know if you need help in connecting your laptop to TV.

Check it out today and let us know how did you find it…

[via CNN]

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  • I heard you dont get amc on “Fish-Dish”. this = Epic Fail. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, need I go on? I know, you Can still watch it online, but still. Fail

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  • [...] Xfinity, we recently covered also has some recent India movies.  You can watch full length movies for Free.  The link to these [...]

  • Instead of missing that show because you were not in front of your TV why not just take your TV with you. DISH Network released the Sling Adapter last year allowing subscribers to watch all their live programming on a Smartphone or laptop wherever there’s high-speed internet. As an employee of DISH I know that none of the subscribed channels are locked so live TV can be watched as it is aired. Check it out if you really want to impress your friends at that party.

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