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Getting started with Readability for Android

Congratulations! Your Readability account has been created. You’re moments away from saving anything you find on the web to your Android device for reading on your terms -anytime, anywhere.

Readability Everywhere

To get the most of Readability you can add it to all your devices and computers. Once installed, you’ll be able to access or add to your reading list from anywhere. It’s available for Android, iPhone, iPad, mobile Web, your favorite Web browser, Kindle, Twitter clients, RSS readers and more.

Visit on your desktop (Mac or PC) web browser to install the Readability add-on. Once installed, simply click the Read Later icon and the page you’re viewing will be automatically synced to your Android device.

Add web links to Readability

Readability includes a web browser that lets you surf the Web and instantly add or convert any page into a comfortable reading view. Simply tap the ‘+’ icon in the menu bar and type or paste a URL in. You can also search Google from within the URL box. Once in browser view, you can convert any page or save it for reading later:

Syncing Your Articles

When you launch the Readability app it will sync with the Readability service and download all of the articles you’ve saved for later. Once the articles are downloaded you can read them whenever you want, even offline. This can take some time depending on how many articles you have saved. You can see the progress in the status bar at the top.

Your Reading List

The default view in Readability is the Reading List. This is where all the articles you’ve saved are stored. You can start reading right away by simply tapping on an article. You can view your Favorites and Archives Lists by tapping on the Reading List item in the menu bar.

Manually Syncing Readability

You can manually sync your lists to make sure you have all your articles available by pulling down on your list.


Looking for something specific? Tap the search icon and you can search all of the articles in your lists instantly, even if they’re archived.

Managing your articles

There are a number of ways to manage your articles in Readability. You can archive, favorite or delete an article from your list by swiping to the right to reveal your options.

You can also archive and delete multiple articles at once by tapping ‘edit’ in the menu bar. This will put you in ‘edit’ mode. From here, simply select the articles you want to archive or delete and choose the appropriate option at the bottom of the screen.

The Reading View

Welcome to distraction-free reading. The reading view let’s you read without clutter or distractions. To return to your reading list at any time, press the back button:

You can favorite, archive, delete or share the article by tapping anywhere on the screen. A drawer will slide up at the bottom of the reading view:

At the top of every reading article is a link that will take you to the original web view of the article:

Customizing Readability

You can change the font style, text size and light/dark background through the style menu. Note: While font and background color can be changed in the Settings Panel in the main menu bar, text size is only accessible from the reading view as shown below.

Share what you’re reading

You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Readability and share what you’re reading. Tap the bottom right icon on an article view (you may need to tap the screen to bring up the menu) and you’ll see all the various ways to share. If you select the Twitter or Facebook icons you’ll be asked to login (you only need to do this once). From then on you’ll be able to Tweet or post to Facebook. Other actions include emailing a link to the article, copying a link to the article or opening in a browser.

We hope you enjoy Readability for Android. We’re always looking to improve the Readability experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. For support, visit If you’ve got ideas on how we can improve Readability, you can share them on our Readability Ideas site.

Happy Reading!

—The Readability Team