How to set up a Photography Website? Help Me!

Anurag Bansal

Anurag Bansal is the Founder & CEO of Techacker. He is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiasts and social media strategist helping startups and fellow entrepreneurs achieve success by leveraging the power of internet, social media and mobile web. Catch him on Twitter (@techacker), Facebook and Google+.

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2 Responses

  1. Eric Vincent says:

    IMO and /portfolio would be better. Link worthy content of your root level domain should be kept in sub-folders not sub-domains.

    Stole that above quote from this site:

    While I’m not familiar with WP, I doubt you need to install it twice. This just wouldn’t make any sense to me…

    • Thanks Eric,
      This is exactly what I have done. SEO benefits of keeping a blog on sub-folder are far too many to lose by creating a sub-domain.
      Thanks for dropping by.