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Top Tweets on Twitter – 04/09/2014

Your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. #newprofiles make it even easier and more fun. https://t.co/YjhZjQyTnP — Twitter (@twitter) April 8, 2014 You complete guide to Pinterest marketing http://t.co/mVaWiBm45k — Anurag Bansal...

Google Happy Birthday Doodle

Google Happy Birthday Doodle just for you

Have you ever visited Google’s Home Page on your birthday?  You will be pleasantly surprised to see a “Happy Birthday Doodle” just for you on the homepage.  It happens to be my birthday today,...

Instagram OR vine

What would you rather use – Instagram OR Vine?

Popular photo sharing app Instagram (acquired by Facebook) just launched video functionality to compete with Twitter’s Vine.  Instagram allows a 15 seconds clip against 6 seconds on Vine. Instagram does offer some decent add-ons...