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New Techacker Logo

New Techacker Logo


Techacker offers tips on various topics like Android, Social Networking, Computers, Internet, Ubuntu etc.  It also provides time to time tips on many other topics. New web services, productivity tools and other useful products are reviewed regularly on Techacker.

THM Magazine:

I release a monthly magazine under the name “THM” that stands for “Techacker Magazine“.  In the top menu there are links to all the latest magazines.  Feel free to download them all or whichever you like.  You may also choose to read it on the page itself.

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New Techacker Favicon

In this magazine, I try to publish articles I have posted on Techacker during the previous month in an easy to read magazine/e-book format.  The magazine is free to download and distribute.  You can access it on Mobile devices too.  Feel free to share with your friends if you like.

Sidebar Content:

In the sidebar, you will find several links to social profiles like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  These are a couple of advertisements there to help earn the running cost of this blog. You are not obliged to click on these ads, but if you do, it helps me support this blog efficiently.

You may follow me on Twitter (@techacker or @anuragbansal) or like Techacker on Facebook.  Get the updates in an email or subscribe to RSS from the sidebar links.

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You are free to link back to any article you want, but please don’t just copy and paste.  Remember the attribution.  PLEASE DO NOT SCRAP the articles provided here. Be honest.

You may get in touch with me using email at tips [at] techacker.com.

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Anurag Bansal

Anurag Bansal is a technology evangelist, gadget lover, web addict, social media enthusiast and a big Android fan. Photography is a new trade he is trying to master. He has been a technology blogger for almost a decade and has published 1000+ articles on various blogs.


Anurag Bansal
Founder & CEO