Fix Redemption Helper Outlook Extension Error

Anurag Bansal

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  • Rossi


  • sjrily

    awesome! Thanks so much1

  • Andrew Clare

    Thank you for the advice. Very helpful the annoying error message has gone.

  • simon

    Many thanks, Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 home. Was annoying everytime i started Outlook recently but thanks to you its sorted.

  • tony

    Thank you. also helped me get rid of the eset popup that was very annoying.

    • You are very very welcome…Thanks for visiting Techacker.

  • Maria

    Thank you for your help. You gave me the solution for a problem I have been trying to fix for a week.

  • Many thanks for the help, worked first time after trying all sorts. Thanks again. FM

  • Hey thanks so much. Went around the world to find so many complicated steps…but this one was easy. Problem solved. God bless you 🙂

  • Paweł

    Thank you, problem solved 🙂

  • Henry La

    Brilliant.. well done.

  • Helou

    thank you very much, it worked as you said.

  • Noel Edwards

    Thanks Anorag, This appears to work for me.Noel 26/02/2013

  • jenewman

    YES!!!! It worked. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Gore

    Thank you so much. Great!

  • Tehane

    Aloha from Hawaii…As we say here, Mahalo nui’ loa (thank you very much) for the tip on fixing the redemption helper outlook extension error.

    • You are very welcome. Happy that Techacker could help you solve the issue.

  • Scott Montagne

    Thanks! It did the trick!!!!

  • tisha

    This took less than a minute and solved a problem that had been bothering me for weeks! Thank you!!

  • Jack

    Thaks for helping with this annoying problem.

  • Stella

    Thanks for that – I had tried all sorts to get rid of it before I found your method. Stella

  • Gustavo

    Thanks a lot!

    • Deva

      It’s killing me last one month but rtoday with the help of your article i found this as great solution.

      Thanks to all

  • wlqesq

    OMG, I have been living with that for over a year!   When this started our IT person didn’t know what was causing it, let alone how to fix it.  So, I just lived with it.  Today, I finally was so feed-up I went looking and happened to find your site.  I can’t even believe  that it is gone.   Thank you very, very much! 

  • Dave in Courtenay

    Your solution was so clearly illustrated and acted exactly as you described. I had fiddled and searched through so many MS and independent posts, and software for sale to fix this one issue.
    A breath of fresh air!
    Thank you so much!

  • Ammar4uall

    thanks, its really useful for me 🙂

  • skywalker

    Thanks, simply worked and the problem is gone

  • Warren

    Thanks a lot. I did exactly what the instuctions said, and walla, it worked perfectly. The redemption error is gone.

  • Dachshunds3

    After trying numerous fixes suggested online, I came across this one by Mr. Bansal. So simple and it actually works!! Thank you so much. The problem occurred when I downloaded the latest software for Logitech Setpoint. Using Win7 and Office 2007.

  • Very good! 🙂

  • itmfm1

    I was ahving the same problem. Also after I did the suggested I deleted the Redemption addin from the c:windows.SysWOW64 directory.

  • mamakat

    thank you!

  • Howard

    simple! many thanks, had the problem for weeks, you enabled me to fix in seconds!

  • Abydos71

    Thanks heaps.

  • Aleiromeiro

    Problema de erro no Outlook “redemption helper outlook extension” RESOLVIDO!! Thank you! Álei Romeiro from Brazil

  • Worldc77

    thank you^^

  • Asg

    good job!!

  • Anton

    Thank you atlast i got rid of this annoying redemption pop up when opening outlook

  • Ffreeety

    thanks very much – saved hours of looking around trying to fix this

  • Jfk

    definitly works with all redemption errors. thanks

  • Crosbydave

    Thank you so much–this has plagued me every time I opened up Outlook for the last six months! 

  • Billk

    Works like a charm…thanks!

  • Ykjoe

    Thanks for helping with this annoying error message. It seems to be gone!

  • David


  • Ruzty

    Thanks a lot!!!! It worked. My “error” appeared after I uninstalled Samsung Kies. Now thanks to your advise it’s gone

  • Elmansy

    March 2011 and still good, fixes an add-in problem today using the directions. Thanks

  • James_bond

    february 2011 now – still a good problemsolving post, thasnks!!!!

  • Rob

    Valeu, resolvi a mensagem irritante!!!!

  • Nirav joshi

    Gr8, thanks a lot

  • phil

    Thanks a lot !!!! works great… I was pretty annoyed with this message due to inproper uninstallation of PersonnalBrain…

  • Nico

    Thanks !
    it works ! Great

  • Thanks for the info. I am trying this, and I hope that it will also work for me.

  • Cezarbn

    Yes, it works! This annoying error is gone!

  • Almad

    A+++++++++++++++helper. Thanks. Al

  • Knowliz -_-_-_-

    Thanks, it works.

  • Nestav

    What you really should do – just remove file extend.dat and restart Outlook! That is suggestion from Microsoft.

  • Thanks for this..the pop up had been starting to get on my nerves….especially as I knew which program had installed the add-in in the first place & the fact I’d un-installed it already!

  • Thanks for your help, I managed to fix an irritating problem very simply.

  • Thanks so much worked for me! Man that was annoying pop up! I ma glad people like you are out there!

  • did read alot about this error finally a solution, great job.

  • simply

    Thanks. It worked for me.

  • Angel Acosta

    Thanks so much it solve my problem, God bless you!

  • SML

    Thank you so much. This error has been driving me crazy for months. You have no idea….Sara

  • Xfsui


  • Guest

    yay – I just started having this issue so appreciate the assistance!


    i was pull ing my hair out untill i came to this site. Here i found the answer to my redemption-add-in
    I flowed the advice above now everything is fine, THANKS

    THE KING52

  • Bharath

    ThanQ so much for your timely Help. My problem has been rectified.

  • Thanks, this help me also an windows 7

  • John

    Excellent. Thanks! I had the same prob after I uninstalled Memeo. Now fixed! Top fellow!

  • Scottb

    Worked great, thanks a million.

  • John

    ooooppppss It helps to follow your directions exactly. It’s gone! Thank you for the advice, for I would not have known how to do this.

  • John

    It doesn’t show a “Redemption” anything. I don’t know what to do next?

  • editor

    It’s work thank you for your advise

  • Elle


  • asdf

    excellent, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    new error message “” is unknown or cannot be found

  • arnaldo guidotti from Italy

    fix outlook redemption error: you r magic. It worked. Thnks

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, that did the trick

  • Anonymous

    You are very kind, i must be so gratifull because with all that information you have gived, that help me in that problem. May be, that wasnt a problem, but isnt an usefull situation. May be there are not to much people that knows how to save that. Let me tell you something and if you can, you could tell me… i began to use a new windows 7, because my mistake, i used a memeo sync, and as it wasnt for a win 7, i cuoldnt use it, and began wiht that error on outlook, i used revouninstaller to take that program of, and did it, but appear that problem in outlook. Thanks about you told, that didnt appear more, but i must do a question… that could generate a problem in future because i must turned off an usefull work on outlook?? Sorry because my english is not my native language. Thanks for you answer. if you want, writte to my email:

  • Jørgen Bork

    Thanks from Denmark!

  • Walt

    THANK YOU. Dell Tech couldn’t figure this out. His best guess is that it was caused by my firewall.

  • Mark

    It’s the simple things in life that make me happy – and getting rid of my teamscopesupport.dll error when opening Outlook is just an example of the simplest fix, resolving an annoying error. Indeed my problem revolved around “redemption helper” as well – so your solution worked perfectly. – Many Thanks!

  • John

    Great advice, thanks!

  • Sergio

    solved! thank you so much!

  • Dorotea

    Excellent!!! Thank you very much

  • Thank goodness – that was the most annoying problem I had this week ahead of having a flat tire due to my cars’ metal nitrous tire pressure valve cap eroding the valve stem (ok that will be my other Tweet Peeve for the month)! Had the same message as you that I needed an update from ACT for my redemption.dll since it was amuck. ACT had no updates – but I bet I could find one if I paid for their “warrenty and help” which is probably hundreds of dollars for the estimated one question answered per year… and a double wammy I could not uninstall mscoree.dll since Vista is so rigid and as it said I didn’t have admin rights (of Bill Gates??) to delete the file. Thank you – !

  • Dhaval

    Yes, absolutely a Memeo thing. My antivirus raised an alarm one day about this file and I quarantined or deleted it. Since then this issue has come up.

    Now solved after your solution but the question is can we reinstate that Memeo file? May be it is useful for backing up the OST file.

    • Dhaval, I am happy that your issue was fixed. I haven’t seen any use of this Memeo file. It has been over 2 years when I deleted this file and never faced any issue.
      All other readers too didn’t report any issue so far. So I assume it is fairly safe to be without this file. Also looks like the website itself is down where a forum was maintained for this plug-in. So I am not sure if there is any further development happening on this.
      You got the idea right…

  • Bob

    Thanks so much for helping me with this annoying message. I too had installed the crappy memeo software and hated it. This was very helpful!!

  • Linda

    Thank you so much. Like you, I have searched the net for over a week trying to fix this problem. Thank you again!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Thanks for this, it was driving me crazy!

  • Sara

    Thanks for this, it was driving me crazy!

  • Redemption Helper Outlook Extension Error

    Your cure for the problem was so simple – very easy to do and better than that it worked 100%

    • Thanks guys…
      I am really happy to have helped so many people till date.
      Appreciate your visit on Knowliz. Hope you find other articles also interesting…

  • robn

    That was excellent – had an identical problem, You solved it for me! Thanks.

  • islandmomof3

    Thank you for the resolution to this annoying error. I appreciate the help!

  • Thank you very very very much!

  • Satish Reddy

    Thank you it helped me to fix the this issue ….

  • CJ

    I searched my computer for where the file said it was located (and it wasn’t) your suggested fixed it, no problems.

  • joey

    It has been bothering me for weeks, and now it is off my back. Many thanks………..

    • Wow!!! That’s awesome. But I wonder how come this issue hasn’t been fixed in Outlook 2007 yet. I originally wrote this article in Dec 2007, so it is almost 2 years now. And people are still facing this issue.
      That’s really something not good on part of the concerned teams at Microsoft, Dell or whatever. This issue should have been long gone…
      No wonder people are just stuck with Windows willy-nilly otherwise they would have moved to Linux long back if Windows wasn’t their default OS environment.

      Anyway, I am happy that people are still finding it useful.

  • Jim

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • Craig

    Way to go. That begins a new day for me without that irritating error message. Thank you!

    • You are very welcome Craig..
      Have a nice day. Keep reading Knowliz for similar tips and tricks brought to you specially from the technology world.


  • Anurag Bansal

    I guess, this is an ugly add-on required for MediaDirect to pull your Outlook data or something like that.
    But because of some updates, it becomes useless and keeps interfering with Outlook to run smoothly.
    I uninstalled it long back and haven’t faced any issue with my system so far and I think other readers have also mentioned the same.
    So I will say, it is fairly safe to remove it.

    Hope this information helps.
    Anurag Bansal

    • Robins0510

      I just had this matter pop up after fixing a kem.exe error by removing my Logitech Software, went from one matter to the other, lol… following your instructions did the trick… Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    what is the redemption helper that we are removing?
    I would just like to know what it is that we are un-installing.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks, that was tops

  • Anonymous

    Finally, my cell can sync with outlook without that annoying error that was stopping it. Many, many THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, it fixed my problems too!

    Børge from Norway.

  • Anonymous

    thank you milion times!!!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the post that was good to me too

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very very much, So many people posted comments on this, but no one provided a solution. Again, thanks for taking away annoyance from my life

  • Anurag Bansal

    You are welcome my friend.

    Happy to help.

    Anurag Bansal

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a million. This is great help.

  • Anonymous

    Great work. Thanks for the solution

  • Anonymous

    Great job! Thank you for posting this! My hero!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, great advice. Solved the problem for me! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your detailed description of how to remove this annoying error.
    It was very helpful

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. the rest of the sites just talked about the problem and you had the solution

  • Anurag Bansal

    Your welcome @KV.

  • KV

    Awesome…thanks for the tip!

  • Anurag Bansal

    Oh, wow…
    That’s good.
    Happy to have you helped somehow.

    Anurag Bansal

  • blubull

    I googled my problem, found your answer, and it worked. Saved me from formatting and reinstalling everything.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I fixed the problem.

  • Anonymous

    So far so good.. Thanks for the top

  • Tim

    Thank you very much for telling me how to get rid of that error. I would have had no clue otherwise!

  • Anurag Bansal

    I am happy that this quick tip is helping you guys out there. I myself got very frustrated with this problem.

    Happy that it helped.
    Anurag Bansal

  • Christian Garcia de

    it helped me out! thanks

  • Gillian

    Yey! You star!!!

    That’s been bugging me for a couple of months!!!


  • Anurag Bansal

    Thanks for the update businessaffairsguru. That will definitely help the readers.

  • BusinessAffairsGuru

    One problem with deselecting all instances of the “Redemption helper add-in” is that it is a hook that is used by a lot of legitimate Outlook extensions and add-ins to perform their tasks. If you uncheck them, some additional feature you installed (or some other program you like installed) into Outlook will be gone.

    • pierina

      hi! from Uruguay / South America!
      you helped me a lot with your solution for the “redemption helper outlook extension”. It really worked!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

      • You are very welcome… happy that it is still working after so many years.