There are hundreds if not thousands to do apps, claiming to be the best to do app for Android in Google Play.  But very few come close to the elegance and intuitiveness of Any.Do.

Any.Do is by far the most elegant to do app for Android in Google Play.

Any.Do is an awesome app that organizes your life in a very simple but elegant way.  The tasks can be entered using a simple box that predicts text as you type.  Or you may choose to use your voice to enter the tasks.

Any.Do on Android

  • Once the tasks are added, they can be edited to organize based on Folders, Priority and due dates.
  • You can also assign your friends to do certain activities and they don’t need to be using the app.  (A really cool feature if you want to share the tasks with certain people.)  When you share the task, you can link your Facebook account or just enter your name.
  • You can also drag and drop tasks to different dates and better arrange your list.
  • When the task is done, just swipe across it to complete it.
  • The app comes in two beautiful themes – White and Black.

Current release lets you sync the tasks with Google Tasks but the Google Play description page shows that the team plans to offer sync feature with other services too.  Some notable services in the plan are Remember the milk, Springpad, Catch and Outlook etc.

You may use Any.Do on iPhone and Chrome browser as well. I wish they allow sync with Toodledo soon which is my favorite service for GTD.

Any.Do is a free app in Google Play.

If you use Google Chrome, you could install Any.Do Chrome extension to make syncing tasks with Gmail even faster:

  1. Click here to download Any.Do extension.
  2. Just add it to Chrome and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize your Gmail account.

That’s it! You’re good to go!

Did you try this app?  What is your opinion about it?  Is there any other to do app for Android that you like.  Let us know in comments.