7 Great Sources for Entrepreneurial Advice

Getting timely and relevant advice is very necessary for a start-up team. It could either lead you to success or break the business on the ground level. Not every advice that comes your way is helpful either. Filtering the information is very crucial as well.

I follow some really valuable resources online to learn and improve my entrepreneurial knowledge and apply the learning to my business. I also curate the advice from various channels in Flipboard magazine – “Entrepreneurs’ Corner”. This is my way of keeping a log of what I read and share with others who might want to benefit from it. You can follow this magazine on Flipboard:

Entrepreneurs’s Corner – Flipboard Magazine.

7 Great Sources for Entrepreneurial advice

These are some of the great sites I follow on a regular basis and I would recommend that you follow them as well.

1. Entrepreneur : Start, run and grow your business

Link: http://www.entrepreneur.com/

A site dedicated to entrepreneur advice. Starting a business, writing business plan, getting funding, sales, marketing, management and everything else you would need advice on as an entrepreneur, this is the site you must follow on a regular basis. Entrepreneur Magazine is something that may be a good idea to subscribe.

2. Inc : Small business ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Link: http://www.inc.com/

Inc is another one of my favorite that is a great source of entrepreneurial information and advice. There is just so much valuable advice from industry experts and serial entrepreneurs that the knowledge you gather is mind-blowing. Don’t forget to follow Inc. 5000, Startup and Technology sections. You can also subscribe to Inc. Magazine.

3. Startup Collective

Link: http://startupcollective.com/

StartupCollective is a virtual mentorship program developed by YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) that connects the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and provides thousands of how-to articles, videos and eBooks. I have subscribed them using RSS in Feedly – one of my go to place for entrepreneurship advice.

4. Steve Blank

Link: http://steveblank.com/

Steve Blank is famous for “Get out of the door” quote from Udacity course on “Starting a Business”. He provides entrepreneurship advice on his blog and many other places including Udacity. He is known to be the father of “Business Model Canvas”.

5. Small Business Trends

Link: http://smallbiztrends.com/

The site offers advice on current business trends and the use of social media for small businesses.

6. Startup Nation

Link: http://www.startupnation.com/

Startup Nation offers great advice for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs regarding various do’s and don’ts of starting a business.

7. LinkedIn Pulse

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/

LinkedIn pulse has slowly grown into a hub where various experts and entrepreneurs share their own experience and detailed articles on many business aspects. Start by following some great visionaries like Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and others.

Besides these seven there are a dozen more great blogs and magazines that offer great advice for startups. Site like TED, Forbes and business section of any news channel also offer discussions, thought-provoking ideas regularly.

What other blogs and site do you read to keep yourself updated on Entrepreneurial advice and industry coverage. Drop a note in the comment section to let us know.  If you like this article, please share with your friends on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks. :)

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Make Money Online – 200+ ways explored

It is often said that “America is a land of opportunity”. Not sure how true that is, however I do know for sure that “Internet is full of opportunities”. The more you know about it, the better and quicker it is to make money.

Nothing comes without hard work though. You need to learn the trade of the tools and then explore your interest to find opportunities that will help you make money online. There are tons of services out there that can be used to enhance your knowledge and sell what you already know. Many new ways are created every day to help you make money online – like blogging, social media marketing and ghost writing etc. to name a few.

Keeping that strategy in mind, the infographics below from SurveySpencer.com explores 200+ ways of making money online. It also provides pointers on how to get started. What should you learn or what service you should use to get the most out of it.

If you like you may visit the article to read in-depth discussion on various items in this image. Feel free to share with whoever you think may be interested in such good work.

200 ways to make money online_infographic
200 ways to make money

Blogojoy – A new blog theme from TeslaThemes

Besides creating original content, bloggers and publishers need to make sure that the content is presented in a beautiful manner with focus on layout, screen size, typography and all that…

That need brings us to the Theme Clubs like TeslaThemes. Like many others, the team at TeslaThemes creates and publishes new attractive theme for various purpose like Blog, Magazine, Photography, Business and Music including some multipurpose themes.

Their latest addition to the already growing portfolio is a brand new blog theme – Blogojoy.

Blogojoy is powered by Tesla Framework that features Revolution slider, responsive design, social media integration, Masonry layout, stylish effects, custom typography and more.

Blogojoy-WordPress Theme
Blogojoy-WordPress Theme
Some of the highlights ofBlogojoy are as follows:

  • Responsive Design – The design fits ideally and looks great on a wide range of devices and screen resolutions.
  • Revolution Slider – Awesome transitions, animations, 3D effects and all other slider features are because of a premium plugin “Revolution Slider” included for free ($19 worth) with this theme.
  • Post Views – Blogojoy also offers various options to display your blog posts with a wide variety of post types. Choose from full width posts, posts with images or videos, posts with sliders and more.
  • Social Media Integration – Connect your social media pages and make your brand more social with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more…
  • Built-in shortcode – Use built-in short codes to create special offers, buttons, pricing tables, tabs and other TeslaTheme Framework features.
  • The theme comes with documentation and is compatible with all current web browsers.

[themify_button style=”Large red flat” link=”http://teslathemes.com/amember/aff/go/techacker/?i=104″ target=”_blank” ]Live Demo[/themify_button]

[themify_button style=”large flat yellow” link=”http://teslathemes.com/amember/aff/go/techacker/?i=103″ target=”_blank” ]Download[/themify_button]

Get a 20% discount by using promo code : TTPROMO20

Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links to TeslaThemes. If you end up purchasing the theme using one of these links, Techacker will earn affiliate commission which helps me generate funds to support development of this site. Thank you for your support.

Picozu : an HTML5 based Free Photoshop alternative

Recently I stumbled upon Picozu – An HTML5 based image editor. Picozu is an online drawing and photo editing application that provides you tools such as brushes, filters and layers etc. besides the basic crop and rotate tool. Surprisingly, it is FREE too.

Below are some notable features I wanted to mention:

  1. Completely HTML5 and CSS3 based.
  2. Image retouching and drawing capabilities with multiple tools and brushes.
  3. Supports Adobe Photoshop PSD files.
  4. Export files as PNG, JPEG and other popular formats.
  5. Import/export images from Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Flickr etc.
  6. Offers social media integration.
  7. Pre-formatted templates for social media posts.

It obviously doesn’t have all the sophisticated tools like Photoshop has, but if you want to do small edits, then Picozu can do a pretty good job as a FREE Photoshop alternative. Below I got some screenshot of the interface and its tools.

Check it out. I am sure you can use Picozu to start editing your Christmas photos before sharing and wow you family and friends with cool filters and edits. Picozu also has a Chrome app/extension that you can install from Chrome Web Store.

Is there any other image editing app you love and would like to share with us? Feel free to offer tip about your favorite in comments.

Start your weekend with 20+ Motivational Quotes

We all need inspiration time to time to keep ourselves motivated. The quotes and the saying from scholars, learned and experienced business people are such a great way to add that small push.

I manage and curate a Pinterest board which is full of such motivational quotes. Some of them I am sharing here. Don’t forget to follow this Pinterest board to get fresh pins delivered to your feed.

Let’s start the weekend with these 20 motivational pins:

Follow Techacker’s board Motivational Quotes on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great source of motivational quotes which people have gathered from various sources. You may find so many more such pins by just doing a quick search “Motivational quotes”. Create a board and start collecting your favorite.

Hope I added some Red Bull of motivation to your day. Feel free to share with your friends, if you like.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!

8 Most Essential WordPress Plugins you must use

8 most essential WordPress plugins you must use on any site powered by WordPress. They improve SEO, loading time and offer many other necessities for your site to be successful on internet.

I have listed them as per their importance for me, your needs may be different. Search for a plug-in that works well with your theme and based on your preferences. Not all themes support all plug-ins. But these 8 essential WordPress plugins should give you an idea to start with.

Below is my choice of 8 essential WordPress plugins that power Techacker today. (Click on image to download the latest plug-ins)


DISQUS commenting platform has been around almost as much as blogging itself has been. It offers a unified commenting solution for your site that the default WordPress installation doesn’t. You can reply to comments by email, follow and block certain users. It also offers many other valuable features such as comment rating, media attachments and blocking the spam comments.

DISQUS Comment System Screenshot
DISQUS Comment System

2. W3 Total Cache

The most robust and feature rich plug-in that improves your site speed and user experience is W3 Total Cache. As the name refers, W3TC offers easy Web Performance Optimization using browser, page, object and database caching. It adds HTML, JS & CSS minification capabilities and can enable your site deliver content using Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Check the difference in your site loading speed before and after installing this plug-in. Your audience and server will thank you for doing this.

W3 Total Cache - WordPress Plugins
W3 Total Cache – WordPress Plugins

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

No site can survive on internet if it can’t be found. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one such thing that can make or break your business altogether. Not everyone can hire a SEO expert. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a must have if your WordPress site has to rank properly in Google and Bing search results.

There is only help available to walk you through the installation process. Do check the online help and make necessary adjustments to improve your site SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast - WordPress Plugins
WordPress SEO by Yoast

4. JetPack by WordPress.com

JetPack is not one plug-in, it is a collection of many plug-ins packaged into one. New features are regularly added too. As of today, Jetpack offers customization, traffic, mobile and performance tools to any WordPress site. Features include:

  1. Customization: Custom CSS, Tiled galleries, Carousels, Infinite scroll are few things that can be enabled using this plug-in.
  2. Instantly convert your site to a responsive theme designed for smartphones and tablets.
  3. Post by email and Shortcode embeds are few additions that make creating content easy.
  4. Learn how the traffic on your site looks like, instantly share post on social networks and allow people to share your posts.

There are many other things that you will see when you enable this plug-in. Let me warn you though, there are mixed opinion about the use of Jetpack plug-in. So try it out and if it affects your site performance, make a judgement if you would like to keep it or not. I am using it for now.

Jetpack by WordPress.com - WordPress Plugins
Jetpack by WordPress.com

5. Shareaholic

I have tried many plug-ins that enable the users share articles on social media, but I keep coming back to Shareaholic. It seems to have minimum effect on site speed as compared to other plug-ins including Sharing module in Jetpack. However it offers a lot of customization options. Besides just sharing capabilities, Shareaholic offers a floating follow bar, Related content on posts and some earning potential through ads. You also get a dashboard where you can see how your posts are performing on social media and where the traffic is coming from.

Shareaholic - WordPress Plugin
Shareaholic – WordPress Plugin

6. Evergreen Post Tweeter

Any one with a blog can tell you that your job is not over as soon as you hit publish. In fact the job just started to bring more audience to your work by sharing it on various social networks. Most plug-ins allow automatic sharing of the latest posts but what about the old treasure. This is where Evergreen Post Tweeter helps. Once set, it automatically pushes your old articles to Twitter and hence give them a new life.

Evergreen Post Tweeter - WordPress Plugin
Evergreen Post Tweeter – WordPress Plugin

7. EWWW Image Optimizer

To help optimize images for web, this plug-in reduces the size without quality loss. Any thing you can do to limit the amount of data that is required to load a webpage, is going to obviously enhance site speed and user experience. You will not believe how much this plug-in can reduce the size of your images.

EWWW Image Optimizer - WordPress Plugin
EWWW Image Optimizer – WordPress Plugin

8. Image Watermark

If you want to quickly protect the images on your blog posts so that people don’t steal them without giving you credit. (Well, nothing can be fully protected on internet, but we can all try to make it hard, right) Use this plug-in to add a text or image watermark on every image you upload in the posts directly.

Image Watermark WordPress Plugin
Image Watermark WordPress Plugin

There are probably millions of plugins for every other purpose out there in WordPress.org plugin directory. However it always helps to know which ones are worth trying. This list tries to show you what minimum number of plug-ins you would need to keep a healthy site optimized for SEO and a relatively better user experience.

What are you favorite plugins that you use on your WordPress sites? Let us all know in comments about your favorite and essential WordPress plugins with couple of lines about why you love them.  And if you like this post, do not forget to share it on your preferred social network.