After the whole world has got Android Jelly Bean on their Samsung Galaxy S3, finally it is time for AT&T subscribers to get Jelly Bean too.  This is not a OTA (Over the Air) update, so you would need to use Samsung Kies to install the upgrade on your Galaxy SIII.

Jelly Bean is the most recent update in Android development which is also referred as Android 4.1.1.

To get this update on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3, you would need:

  1. Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Samsung Kies installed on this computer.
  3. Micro-USB cable that came with the phone. (Other micro USB cables might works just as good.)
  4. And, obviously an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3.

Here are the exact steps to install Jelly Bean update on Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • After you have the latest Samsung Kies installed on your computer, connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to this computer using the Micro-USB cable.
  • As soon as you connect your phone, you will see a firmware upgrade message on your screen.  Hit update.

    Jelly Bean - Firmware Upgrade Notification

    Jelly Bean – Firmware Upgrade Notification

  • Accept all the information and select “Allow sharing”.  Hit “Start Upgrade”.Allow Saving
  • On the next screen, it will start preparing and downloading the upgrade.Prepare Galaxy SIII for Upgrade
  • While it is downloading the firmware, make sure you DO NOT DISCONNECT the cable from the PC.
  • Once the download is complete, Kies will prepare the phone for upgrade.

    Downloading Jelly Bean Firmware Update

    Downloading Jelly Bean Firmware Update

  • Your phone will restart and will show the big Green Android robot.
  • After it has done installing the update on your phone, you will see a confirmation message on your computer.

    Jelly Bean Upgrade Complete

    Jelly Bean Upgrade Complete

  • Make sure you disconnect the cable at this time and restart the phone.

You will notice after restart your phone will take some time to reboot and optimize the apps and database.  Just to be sure, restart the phone once more to complete the upgrade process.

That’s it.  Your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is now updated to the latest Android OS 4.1.1 code named Jelly Bean.  Enjoy all the new features, Google Now and project butter.  What’s new in Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S3, read here.