Being an iPhone user you know that there is no lack of apps in any category.  When it comes to shopping, the list of iPhone apps to make shopping fun and rewarding is not very short either. You can use them any time you are shopping.  Some of these apps help you save some money too on the go.

So without much ado, here are my favorite FREE iPhone Apps for Shopping category:

  1. SnapTell: With SnapTell on your iPhone, you can take a picture of a Book, DVD, CD and Video game etc. Use that picture to find online prices for that product. SnapTel
  2. NexTag: Now NexTag grabs where Snaptell leaves. NexTag lets you do comparison shopping for almost everything you get in store. Browse shopping categories from Books, Computers, Electronics, Movies, Software and everything else. Or just use the UPC code from any product you see in store to find out its online price.Nextag
  3. ShopSavvy:ShopSavvy takes it even further. No need for any manual entry or search to find the prices. Just use the app to scan the barcode of any product and get the latest prices online and in stores. Now that is something you will definitely love. Only problem I found with this app is sometimes the app fails to scan anything at all. Probably this is something which should get fixed soon.
  4. Epicurious: Epicurious helps you find recipes of the food you love. Wanna find out Turkey recipes, stuffing and other Thanksgiving sides, this is the app you will need. This app is really fun to browse as well. Mouth watering images in the app will surely make you feel hungry all the time.
    The best thing about this app is if you like a recipe then it lets you create its shopping list for the items required. Pretty cool concept…
  5. Allrecipes: Select Dish type – Soup, Appetizer, Breakfast, Dinner etc. Ingredient you like – Cheese, Chicken, Fish, Beef etc and how much time you have to cook. AllRecipe will give you the options you have with your choice. It’s an amazing app with cool recipe for everything based on ingredient. Therefore you can create your customized food for Thanksgiving, the way you want it.
    Or just use the Features recipe section to see if there is something you fancy.

So be ready for the best time of the season for shopping and have fun using these apps.  What are your favorite apps on iPhone for shopping online?