Popular photo sharing app Instagram (acquired by Facebook) just launched video functionality to compete with Twitter’s Vine.  Instagram allows a 15 seconds clip against 6 seconds on Vine.

Instagram does offer some decent add-ons like video filters, cover frame and the ability to share the clip on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and email.  However it now clutters the photo feed in Instagram with video clips.  Which could be a turn of for some.  Why won’t I just use Google+ or Facebook to share videos without any limitation?

Benefits of using Facebook’s Instagram Video:

  • 15 seconds clips that help getting creative
  • Existing social network of fans and followers – no need to start all over again.

    Instagram Logo

    Instagram Logo

  • No new app to install.
  • Video filters to enhance the clips and some video editing possible
  • Ability to add cover frame to highlight a particular shot
  • Better suitable for advertisements

Benefits of using Twitter’s Vine:

  • A unique purpose service (only for 6 seconds long clips) – a niche market in itself.

    Vine Logo

    Vine Logo

  • Ability to explore clips based on tags and keywords.
  • Vine’s can be embedded into webpages
  • Videos loop so they play continuously.

My thoughts:

I wrote about it on ReadWrite in the comment section as well and I will repeat here too.

Facebook is messing up with Instagram network. It was an app that was good at only one thing and that was photography.

Videos are not natural. I could explore 50 photos at a time while waiting in a line or sitting in a meeting. But I can’t watch videos publicly.  I can’t and probably won’t watch any strangers’ video and waste my battery and data on it unless it is really popular.

It would have been best if Instagram launched a new app – “instavideo” or “videogram” or something. In current execution it does help the established users on Instagram to get an immediate audience for their videos. But for the most of us, it adds noise.

What do you think?

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