Dear Reader,
It has always been my motto to offer great content to you. You can consume this content in various form – read it on the post page online, read it using RSS reader of your choice or print it to read it offline.
But recently it has come to my notice that various spammers are using this blog’s content for monetising their sites. These sites are using content from all over the web from various other sites too.
This way they get good quality content without doing any hard work in researching, writing and publishing. They just scrap the whole RSS feed content and publish it on their sites without permission.
At Techacker, I don’t allow it. So to avoid any further plagiarism of my hard work, I am changing the way RSS feeds are offered. From now on, I won’t provide the full content in RSS feed. You can still read the whole content online for free, but not in RSS reader.
Hopefully this is temporary and soon people will stop using RSS feed to steal my blog’s content. Until that happens, it obviously is not something I want, but unfortunately to stop spammers I am forced.
Hope you understand and will cooperate with me on this for few weeks….hopefully.

Thanks again for reading Techacker.