Why you should use Gli.ph cloaked emails if you wanna use Craigslist?

This post is in continuation of the previous article – How to save yourself from Craigslist and other spam emails? to offer detailed instructions on how to use Gli.ph with Craigslist.  Many of you asked to know more about this new service.

What is Gli.ph?

Gli.ph is a new service that helps you protect your privacy while you are communicating online. You can download Gliph app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) or use it with any browser.  Gliph offers Cloaked email addresses when you create an account and link your real email.

Visit Gli.ph to create an account by claiming the artifacts (series of symbols) and linking your real email address.

Gliph Cloaked Email

Check out the following video tutorial for help on creating an account.


Once you are all set with creating an account, all you have to do is to create a “Cloaked Email” for yourself.  This is one important step in using Gliph with Craigslist.  To learn more about Creating Cloaked email view the following video tutorial.

How to use Gli.ph with Craigslist?

  1. Create a Gliph Cloaked Email address.
  2. Log in to your Craigslist account and change your account email address to your Cloaked Email address.
  3. Use Craigslist normally.  You can now exchange email with Craigslist users without revealing your real email address.

Essentially, Gli.ph gives you a shadow email address that hides the real email.  You still get emails as you were getting earlier, but now you can control them.  Once your item is sold or you no longer want to receive emails just re-create a new Gli.ph cloaked email.  It’s that simple.

If you know your item is in high demand, you may use any other self destructive disposable emails I mentioned in the last post.

So, how did you like this post?  Do you think you will use Gli.ph in your next Craigslist transaction?  Do you plan on using Gliph for anything else….