In this high-tech world we all end up accumulating lots of electronic stuff – be it cell phones, CD-DVD players, mp3 players, iPod and all.  When the new models of these gadgets come out we can’t resist buying them, converting previous models into junk.  Overtime the old and obsolete electronics pile up but you can’t sell them on eBay.

So instead of accumulating electronic junk in your drawers and closets, why not make some money by either selling or recycling them.  I have found 6 places you can either sell or recycle used electronics and probably get some cash.

These services will let you search for your specific model, specify condition and then give you a quote online.  If you agree, then you can send it to them for free and in return they will give you money as cash, Amazon Gift card or transfer funds to your PayPal account.

Obviously if the gadget is in working condition, you get more money.  If it is water damaged, you won’t get any money but at least they will help you recycle free of cost.  Whatever the case may be, it never hurts to check how much your old electronics is worth.  Check out these 6 online services if you want to sell or recycle used electronics and old gadgets:

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is a service that helps you sell or recycle old electronics like cell phones, laptop and over 250,000 other electronics products.  To use the site, search for the product you want to sell, answer some questions about the product, review offers and ship the item.  Once they receive your item, the money will be on its way to you.  Depending on the condition of the product, Gazelle will either sell it to retailers or just recycle.

Gazelle - Sell or recycle used electronics

Gazelle – Sell or recycle used electronics

2. NextWorth

Similar to Gazelle, NextWorth also lets you sell your old cell phones, game consoles, iPad and other gadgets.

NextWorth - Sell or recycle used electronics


3. SellCell

SellCell differs from the above two services in the sense that it actually provides you best rates you might get for your old cell phones by searching the web for you.  It actually consolidates results in a page and provides you option to various venues you may sell your phones.  Also, it works only for cell phones.

SellCell - Sell or recycle used electronics


4. CellitUsed

Another similar service is CellitUsed which was founded in 2005 with a similar mission.  Check it out.

Cellitused - Sell or recycle used electronics


5. SimplySellular

Another cell phone recycle and selling service is SimplySellular.  Once you find your phone model and other details, provide them with the detail and they will send you an envelope to send the device.  After receiving your device, they will send your money within 14 days.

Simply Sellular - Sell or recycle used electronics

Simply Sellular

6. BuyMyTronics

Yet another service to sell your old Electronics and cell phones with a similar concept.

BuyMyTronics - Sell or recycle used electronics


Though there are numerous other services that let you sell your old junk, you mileage may vary as to how much you get for those gadgets.  So it is always better to try at various services and see where you are getting the best deal.

Remember, you need to sell or recycle used electronics only when you have not been able to sell them on eBay successfully.  Else that would be the first place I would try.

What do you think?

Do you have anything you would like to get extra cash back?  What do you do with your old cell phones and other electronics.  Let me know in comments.