Best & worst Times to Pin, Tweet and Share on Facebook [Infographics]

Anurag Bansal

Anurag Bansal is the Founder & CEO of Techacker. He is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiasts and social media strategist helping startups and fellow entrepreneurs achieve success by leveraging the power of internet, social media and mobile web. Catch him on Twitter (@techacker), Facebook and Google+.

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4 Responses

  1. Vivita says:

    Good article. Really useful tips.

  2. Vivek says:

    Nice analysis and write up Anurag. I agree with most of the content. however on a few things, I think differently. while I agree that most of the undirected message is actually a noise, but sometimes you tend to throw up some information in air ( in forms of retweet for example) just because you want others to know it even if you may or may no endorse. but the analysis on best & worst times to posts is excellent. Good job buddy. Keep blogging…

    • Thank you Vivek for dropping by…

      That’s essentially my point – with the invention of social networks, whether it is Twitter or Facebook, we have lost the intention of communication.

      We have started to just ‘throw up’ some information instead of targeting specific audience. And unintentionally end up creating NOISE.

      Without knowing we have endorsed this culture and have become part of it. We have started to like if one or two people retweet or like our statuses. We throw some information wishing “someone” (not a target audience) reads or endorse the message. Right…

      I think it is because Twitter is setup this way. Facebook still seems a little targeted as we are targeting our friend circle.

      My point is that we need to understand how to make it more personal and targeted so that people participate in conversation. I guess we are at this juncture in social communication where these tools need to become more engaging.

      “Instead of BROADCASTING, we should invite DISCUSSION and CONVERSATION.”

      What do you think?

      Thanks again for your valuable input.