Just now received an email that Gmail has teamed up with Apple to randomly give iPad 2 to it’s users. When you read the email it definitely appears to be from a reliable source. In fact it reminds you many times about the security problems with links and email spam etc.

Well, do you think it’s possible. Let’s think about it for a second and judge ourselves, could it be really be getting an iPad for free…

Couple of things to notice here to confirm its legality:

  1. If it is from Google like it says it is, why would Google send it as an image attachment. If it was a pdf file, it would have been probably OK.
  2. Google and Apple for sure will never team up to promote Gmail. With all the changes in iOS6, you can understand what’s going on between the two companies.
  3. Why would Google giveaway iPad and not the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy 7 tablet instead? Wouldn’t Google promote its own products to promote Gmail?

So overall, no matter how much this email sounds authentic, it is ultimately a Spam or hoax or whatever you call it. If you also got one like that today, then simply DELETE it.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.