Good news! There is an easyway to post by email to your self-hosted WordPress blog.

  1. Do you have a self-hosted WordPress blog?
  2. Would you want to post to your blog by just sending an email?

As a self-hosted WordPress blog owner, I can understand the pain of not being able to update my blog using an email. Something that newer platforms like Tumblr and Posterous have provided out of the box.

I miss the ability to just send an email with whatever inside (Photos, videos, Youtube/vimeo links etc.) and the blogging platform (WordPress) knows what to do with that – just like Tumblr does.

On my other blog – Guturgu, which is on Tumblr platform, I just send an email (to a pre-specified email id) most of the time to post the latest update. When I send text, photo, photosets, links, quotes, Youtube Video links and conversation, Tumblr knows that I want it get posted as a Text, Photo, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video or simply a conversation post respectively. Super simple and straigthtforward.

However, it is not an easy process to setup in WordPress even with plug-ins like Postie and some other work arounds. But fear not, through a guest post on Problogger, I have provided all the informationyou need to make it relatively easy to post by email without even using a plug-in. Check out the post on Problogger and let me know what you think about it.
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