Posting from Google+ to Twitter and Facebook is something we all like to do from time to time.  There are various reasons for it:

  1. We don’t want to write the same stuff over and over.
  2. There is a different set of people on all three networks and sometimes the stuff is too good to share everywhere.
  3. If it happens automatically then it becomes really easy to get all social networks updated with new stuff all the time.

If it is a link we are sharing then we can probably share it multiple time on different networks, but it is time-consuming.  What if it was possible to share it on one network and it “automagically” appears on other networks?

For this article we will concentrate on cross-posting from Google+ to Twitter and Facebook.  We would share something on Google+ and it should automatically be posted on Twitter, Facebook (and/or) Facebook Page.

How to post from Google+ to Twitter and Facebook?

To do it successfully we will be using our favorite service “IFTTT” that stands for If This Then That and that helps create RSS feed for Google+ profiles.   Let’s go through the steps one by one.

  1. Login (or sign-up for) to IFTTT.
  2. Visit to create short URL and RSS feed for your Google+ profile and/or Google+ Page.
    • Your short Google+ profile will be something like   (Replace techacker with your username.)
    • Your Google+ RSS feed will become (Replace techacker with your username.)Google+ Short URL
  3. Now visit this IFTTT recipe to create a recipe for yourself similar to what I have here.  In IFTTT format the recipe triggers when there is a new item in the RSS Feed and then posts the tweet to Twitter.IFTTT recipe to post from Google+ to twitter
  4. Similarly you can create another similar recipe to post updates to your Facebook wall or Facebook page.Google+ to Facebook

That’s it.

Now you can just share whatever you want on Google+ and everything gets posted to Twitter and/or Facebook whatever way you have set it up.

Bonus Tip:

Link your Facebook page and Twitter in your Twitter settings to share your Tweets on Facebook and vice versa.  This way this is how the status update flow will be:

You posted on Google+ IFTTT posts that to TwitterTwitter posts that to Facebook.

How cool is that?

What are you thinking?  How does it make your life easy?  Tell me about it.  If you like, don’t forget to share this post on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.