Seems like Google and Microsoft are not going along well these days.  Some of my friends (Prashant) complain that Google doesn’t create apps for Windows Mobile platform.  On the other hand Microsoft created an illegal YouTube app for Windows Mobile which Google demanded to remove.

With such bitter relationship between the two companies it is tough to understand why one company would create/support other company.  But I guess these all are dirty tricks of business.

Today I found another example of Microsoft’s negative marketing attack against Google Chrome, generally known as Microsoft Scroogled campaign.  Essentially Microsoft created a parody video exactly similar to the original Google Chrome video from Google.  Here are the two for your pleasure:

Google: Original Chrome Now: Everywhere

Microsoft: Leaked Parody Video


There are many other similar examples of Microsoft’s negative publicity against Google.  Someone just tell me how Google should be happy about it.  In my opinion Microsoft should try to win customers with great products and not by defaming other companies and products.  It’s Microsoft that looses track every now and then.

I personally don’t have any problem with either companies, nor I favor one over the other. I use Windows all the time with a dual-boot Ubuntu on my PC.  Microsoft Office is far more superior than any other office product out there.  And so is Google Chrome my favorite from Google, Internet Explorer doesn’t even come close to.  Google+, Youtube and Android are some of the other Google products I love.

Finally I just hope that Microsoft uses their energy in the right direction of creating great products to win customer over.  They have big opportunity with Microsoft Surface as long as they play nice – the whole tablet market is theirs to capture.  What do you think?