Well, it didn’t take long.  April is almost over and hence it is time to release yet another edition of Techacker Magazine (THM).  Agreed that this monthly magazine started just last month, so that’s why there is not much feedback from you guys.  Although I would like to urge you all to please share your opinion about the magazine.  It would greatly help me if you guys can offer me some advice about the –

  • Content – What else would you like to see in this magazine?
  • Format – How did you like the layout, the font, size etc.?
  • Accessibility – Did you face any problem accessing it from Scribd or on the release page?
  • How do you read it? – It would immensely help me if I know how do you read this magazine.  Take a print or read it on your cell phone/tablet.  Or you just read it online.

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the next edition of Techacker Magazine – April 2012 Edition.  You can download the magazine directly on your cell phone or tablet here.  Or read it here in the embed below.  I will wait for your valuable feedback.  Do share with your friends, if you like it and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Stay tuned for many great articles on these topics and for next month’s magazine.

Techacker Magazine Vol 1 – April 2012