Welcome to Techacker!
Call me a serial blogger or a complete technology geek. But I am here with yet another blog aptly named as Techacker.

1. Something about the name:
Why I picked Techacker and what does it mean? – Let me tell you the reason – partly because it’s a technology blog and this is what I wanted in the name too. And partly because, we don’t use any technology as it is, we always tweak to suit our purpose and make it better. That means we hack it. Essentially put these two together and you got tech-hacker, which is me and you and everyone else who consumes technology in day-to-day life.
Frankly, that is fun too. Isn’t it?
For a better name purpose I actually hacked the name itself by removing redundancy – the extra ‘h’. Which gave me the name Techacker.
Like it? I hope so.

2. Why another blog?
Well, those of you who have been regular readers of Knowliz, know how much I love technology, gadgets, android and all the other platforms we have been fortunate enough to experience in our lives and continue to do so as new technology advancements bring in better and better products.  To continue the tradition from Knowliz, I created this blog.

Another reason to start this blog was that Knowliz was not SEO friendly name and was hurting the exposure.  People were thinking that Knowliz is actually Know+Liz, a personal blog about Liz.  Doesn’t convey the correct message.  Nobody got it right the way I envisioned which was Knowledge.  Anyway, I decided to either rebrand it or create a new one along the same line and with clear intentions.

3. Future of Knowliz:

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Having said that, the intention of creating this blog is to transition knowliz on to a tech and SEO friendly domain. Slowly the activities on knowliz will get reduced and over period, Techacker will take over Knowliz. At that time I will either sell it or if there is not much traction, it would cease to exist.
Earlier my intention was to move all the articles over from knowliz to techacker, but I don’t want Google to penalize Techacker for duplicate content and remove from its search results.
That’s why I will selectively repost some really important and popular articles here on this blog from knowliz.

4. Connect with Techacker
As usual, there is probably not a single blog that doesn’t have the social presence. It is nearly impossible to grow an audience without the help from various social platforms.
Keeping that in mind, I would ask you to please connect with Techacker on these social networks.
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5. Suggestions
It’s for sure, without your suggestions and feedback, it is impossible for me to grow this blog. So never hesitate to offer any suggestion you have using the link above or sending an email to [email protected]. I will always appreciate your recommendation and the continued love.

With that, I present to you all, Techacker – A tech blog catered to technology, android, software, web apps, gadgets and other related things.

Feel free to offer any suggestions you may have in the comment form on the post.

Anurag Bansal