Announcing Custom Short URL Domain and Howto

Anurag Bansal

Anurag Bansal is the Founder & CEO of Techacker. He is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiasts and social media strategist helping startups and fellow entrepreneurs achieve success by leveraging the power of internet, social media and mobile web. Catch him on Twitter (@techacker), Facebook and Google+.

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  • Hey Anurag. First of all congratulations on new shorter domain. You might be working on it yet, so I just wanted to tell you two issues I found: redirects to an SSL error page of
    This post’s short-URL redirects to (which is 400 page).

    Fix them if possible.

    • Hi Gaurav,
      Thanks a lot for checking it out quickly. In fact it was my mistake that caused this issue.
      I had pointing to instead of Which is why it was going to an SSL page.
      I have fixed it now. If you can please try and confirm it works, I will appreciate your help.

      Another thing, which is the post you got the short url from in your comment. It will help me rootcause that issue as well.

      Really appreciate you taking time to help me out.

      • I am surprised… earlier it was showing as the short-url, now it’s showing Strange internet.

        How about ? 😀

        • I know, it is strange. Another thing I noticed that a different short URL shows up every time you visit the post.
          I guess it just a random key, but if someone shares the link, it gets recorded. May be that’s how it works.
          Thanks again for checking out. Really appreciate your help.
          – Anurag ☺