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Here is this week’s Entrepreneur Corner (Week ending 12th May, 2013)

  1. 5 Things Your First Investors Must Bring to the Table – [via INC]
  2. Singapore the big sucker for foreign startups? [via ZDNet]
  3. How to Find a Co-Working Space That’s Right for Your Startup [via Young Entrepreneur]
  4. How Entrepreneurs Come Up With Great Ideas? (Via WSJ)
  5. 14 tips to learn this week in Entrepreneur corner [via Techacker]
  6. How A Young Community Of Entrepreneurs Is Rebuilding Detroit [via FastCompany]
  7. Who Are the H-1B? [Infographic] – [via Holy Kaw]
  8. 3 Simple Principles of Naming Your Start-Up – [via Inc.]
  9. 10 Alternatives to the Formal Business Plan – [via Under30CEO]
  10. Entrepreneur Corner: 15 expert tips to read this weekend [via Techacker]
  11. 3 Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs on Starting a Business – [via Young Entrepreneur]
  12. How to Protect Your Business Idea Without a Patent – [via Entrepreneur]

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