Feedly has been one of my favorite Android apps for reading blogs and keeping myself up to date with blogosphere. Feedly has always been my only RSS reader app – whether I am using Android phone, tablet or browsers like Chrome and Firefox.  It has replaced Google Reader for me.

But the Feedly for Android update today makes me wonder, why it imitates Flipboard and Google Currents.  As soon as I opened the updated app, I noticed the same “Mosaic” view I see on Flipboard.

When I click on ‘star’ icon on the top right corner to explore more sources, it gives me a mix feel of Google Currents and Flipboard both.

Feedly RSS vs Flipboard

Feedly RSS vs Flipboard

Though these updates bring very beautiful changes to an already awesome app, though I would prefer it to be different.  One unique feature Feedly offers is that it seamlessly syncs with Google Reader.

Flipboard offers this integration as well but it doesn’t make the items read.  Same thing happens with Google Currents as well, though it is a Google product – so you would hope it to sync better.

Well, that’s just me.  Go ahead, update Feedly on your Android phone and tablet and feel the difference and enjoy the latest changes.

Download Feedly from Google Play