Feedly takes clues from Flipboard and Google Currents in latest Android update

Anurag Bansal

Anurag Bansal is the Founder & CEO of Techacker. He is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiasts and social media strategist helping startups and fellow entrepreneurs achieve success by leveraging the power of internet, social media and mobile web. Catch him on Twitter (@techacker), Facebook and Google+.

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2 Responses

  1. im on week 2 of feedly vs currents vs flipboard.. im cool about the visuals and the similarities.. like the ability to sync with read-later-apps. I will go for the lesser data hog. but onovo and the other data control apps are not giving the best readings.. oh well.. maybe you experienced or know about this.

    • Hi Luis,
      Thanks for taking time to leave a comment on Techacker. Appreciate it.

      I like to keep @Feedly as it gives me more control on my RSS feeds for all the 100s of blog I read. And I use Flipboard for reading news, social media updates and quickly browsing various channels on Flipboard.
      So far I haven’t found a good replacement for Feedly. Frankly speaking I can’t seem to understand what Google Current is trying to offer. It’s a mix of Feedly, @News360 and Flipboard all in one. But for some reason, I don’t like it. It’s kind of boring to use Currents.

      Now regarding the data usage I have found that Feedly uses less data than @Flipboard. But that would depend on how much you use the app. I can’t complain about Flipboard either.

      As I said, both of these are my favorite apps for RSS, news and social media consumption.