What are the best alternatives to Google Reader?

Anurag Bansal

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6 Responses

  1. Never read about Taptu. I’d prefer feedly because of the kind of integration it provides. More over, the WordPress.com Reader has improved a lot in last few months and is ready to replace the Google Reader for me. The OldReader is another web-based alternative, you can trust upon. For offline reading I used ThunderBird for couple of months in past but soon escaped it after the charm of Feedly spread.

    • I heard a lot about OldReader but never tried it. I guess I should.
      I can understand using WordPress.com Reader if you happen to be a blogger too. Most people won’t know or would be comfortable using it.
      Feedly is definitely my first choice. Now that Pulse has been acquired by LinkedIn, it helps them big time too. Feedly team just got lucky I guess.
      Offline readers like Outlook RSS Reader and Thunderbird are good, but they don’t sync with your mobile feed readers. That kills the whole idea of synchronization.
      So I am certain as long as RSS technology is alive, Feedly will gain more and more traffic with the demise of Google Reader and now Pulse.
      What do you think?

      • Without any doubt, Feedly is the winner to all feed-reading clients in the market. Great teamwork, regular developments, super-apps, social features and great reading experience : everything, the “Feedly” has.
        I think ‘Pulse’ is killed now. I read somewhere about the feed reader launch by Digg.com. If they launch any, it’d be interesting to see how well they manage to compete with Feedly.
        Flipboard is somewhat the coolest app to use, but the lack of desktop or web based apps – pulls it out of the competition.

  2. Rugby says:

    There are more of them online (alphabetically): Bloglines, FeedBooster, Feedly, FeedShow, Good Noows, NetVibes, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Tiny Tiny RSS.

    Desktop apps: Brief, FeedDemon, Liferea, Opera, RSSOwl.

    • Thanks for providing other RSS readers. The only reason Feedly and Flipboard were recommended because they have cross-platform sync features – specially Feedly.
      Flipboard still doesn’t have a web app or plugin.
      Most of the other services out there are not on all platforms – they are either on web only, desktop only or a mix of that.
      I am sure now that we know Google Reader is being retired, hopefully, some more services will become available soon to replace it.

      Thanks again…

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