Looking for Pandora alternatives???  Are you bored with Pandora yet? There is no lack of avenues to find and listen to latest music for FREE.  Many big names are in the field of making music available to you and many more must be coming down the line as I am writing and you are reading this.

Well, that’s a good thing for two reasons –

  1. Competition is always good for users because it brings the cost down.
  2. If you are not completely satisfied with one service you can easily switch to a better service you like and meets your need.

That’s the main reason for today’s article to make you aware of some new avenues I recently stumbled upon.  Some of these sites are aggregators and some of them offer a full range of function starting from discovering, listening and sharing music to you own library organization.  Let’s check them out:

1. Spotify:

Spotify is your new music collection. Your library with millions of tracks. Spotify comes as a versatile service available for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. Wherever you go, your music follows you.  The service does cost you $4.99 minimum for web only features and $9.99 if you want to use all the features including mobile streaming.

Pandora Alternative - Spotify


2. Google Music:

Google Music also provides features like iTunes and Amazon mp3 stores.  You can upload all your music (up to~10,000 songs) to Google servers and listen to them anywhere you want for Free.  You need download the Music Manager after signing in from your Gmail account.

Google Music - Pandora Alternative

Google Music

3. Sony Music Unlimited:

With Sony Music unlimited you get access to over 10 Million songs available globally.  The music can be played back on PS3, Android phone and Tablets, Bravia TV and PCs.  You can start with a FREE trial for 30 days but a subscription of either $3.99 or $9.99 per month is required to continue using the service.

Pandora Alternative - Sony Music

Sony Music Unlimited

4. Rdio:

Rdio lets you listen to millions of songs ad-free wherever you are – on the web and on your phone, even offline. Follow your friends and other people with great taste in music, and find new music to listen to. Make your own playlists, and collaborate with friends on theirs. Search and find any song, album or artist and listen immediately.  To continuously use the service you need a subscription of $4.99 or $9.99 based on your preference.

Pandora Alternative - Rdio


5. MOG:

MOG is another source of music where you get access to over 11 Million songs.  Listen to your music in the browser or download app to use it on your mobile.  Start with a FREE trial for unspecified duration, earn more free songs by sharing with your friends or checking out MOG.  You need a subscription to use it on your mobile.

Pandora Alternative - MOG


6. Gaana.com:

Gaana is a music portal for mostly Bollywood and Indian music.  Check out this previous article for complete details.

Gaana Windows 8 Main Screen

Gaana Windows 8 Main Screen

7. exfm: (No longer available)

Exfm is a social music discovery platform that turns the entire web into your personal music library. As you browse the web, exfm gathers every MP3 file you come across, building a music library for you. Exfm makes it incredibly simple to share your favorite music with all your friends.  It is really fun to use exfm.
The ex.fm site has tons of great music including a Tastemaker’s section which features a curated pool of music from the web’s top bloggers. The Explore and Trending sections house the pulse of what’s happening across exfm. Linking Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Last.fm let’s you see and hear what your friends are listening to and share and scrobble your own tracks.

Pandora Alternative - exfm


8. Dhingana:

Legally listen to 200,000+ songs from 40+ Indian genres like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Ghazals and many more.  Dhingana lets you discover music with your friends in a unique social way.  You can listen to playlists created by others, search for your favorite music – songs, albums and playlists – ALL for FREE.  Start by installing the Chrome app or free Android app.

Pandora Alternative - Dhingana


9. We are Hunted:

If you are a fan of random music and new artists, then We Are Hunted is the service you want to go.  We are hunted listens to what people are saying about artists and their music on blogs, social media, message boards and P2P networks to chart the top 99 songs online now. Looking at music this way, they detect sentiment, expression and advocacy to better understand what people like and dislike at any given moment.  You can actually create playlists as well and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Pandora alternatives - we are hunted

We Are Hunted

10. Grooveshark:

No Music list is complete without the mention of Grooveshark.  Check out my previous article for complete details about Grooveshark.  As a reminder because of some issues, Grooveshare is not available directly from Google Play, but you can download is directly from the site and install.  Grooveshark is the world’s largest international community of music lovers. Over 30 million people use Grooveshark to listen to their favorite music, discover new bands, and share across social networks.

Pandora Alternative - Grooveshark


Check out these sites, services, browser extension and app for all your music needs.  Let me know in comments which one you use the most and why it is your favorite.  What other things you look for in music services for your needs.  Don’t forget to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.