What are Bookmarklets?

A Bookmarklet is an unobtrusive JavaScript stored as the URL of a bookmark or as a hyperlink on a webpage.  They add one-click functionality to a browser or web page.  When clicked, a bookmarklet performs some function as specified in the JavaScript.

– Wikipedia

Below is a small list of 16 bookmarklets that I have found very useful time to time such as sharing links to Twitter and Facebook, URL shortening etc.

To use them in your browser, simply drag the links to create a bookmark in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox OR Right click – save as favorite for Internet explorer.  Below is an example video for you to learn how to install Bookmarklets:

Share webpages quickly on any social network:

  1. Share on Facebook : Share any page quickly on Facebook.
  2. Share on Twitter : Share any webpage directly from your browser using this official bookmark link from Twitter.  Links are automatically shortened with t.co automatically.
  3. Share on Linkedin: Start the discussion on Linkedin by sharing quickly with this bookmarklet.
  4. Pin it : Pin anything on Pinterest.

Post quickly to your Blog:

  1. Posterous: Easiest way to post to Posterous blog.
  2. Tumblr: Super simple way to create a post on Tumblr blog.
  3. Soup.io: Easily mix anything in your soup.

Create short URLs before sharing online:

  1. @Bit.ly: Create a short URL using Bit.ly or j.mp for the page you are visiting to share easily on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. @cli.gs: Create short URL using cli.gs.
  3. Google Short links: If you use Google Apps, then this is the best way to create publicity of your own domain.  Use Google Short links to use your own domain as short URL.  (You will have to create your own bookmarklet for this one)

Other miscellaneous services:

  1. Instapaper: Want to read something later, use Instapaper to save it to Read it Later.
  2. Evernote: Take note of anything and everything online or offline. Later when you have time, then check it out what you saved.
  3. Add to Boxee: Add any online media page to view in your Boxee box.
  4. Add to VHX: Add any video you like online to your VHX feed.
  5. Screenr: Create a quick screen recording video from any webpage using Screenr.
  6. Google Transliteration (Type in Hindi): Want to type in foreign languages, use and create this bookmarklet for your preferred language. (Read more about it here.)
  7. Print Friendly: Use Printer Friendly bookmarklet to selectively print what you want and delete what you don’t to save paper.  Try to become a little ECO-friendly, shall we?

Occasionally I have found these bookmarklets really useful.  And I hope you find them useful too.  You may want to check other services you use if they have these easy scripts.

Don’t forget to share what else you created a bookmarklet for. If you like this post, please share the love by sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook etc.