I was doing some housekeeping here on Techacker and noticed that some of you might not be pointing to the correct RSS feed address.  With this post, I would like to emphasize on using the correct RSS feed address.

Please point your RSS readers like Flipboard, Feedly and others to point to the following address:


I recommend to use the above feed instead of the Feedburner feed which might be pointing to:


There are chances that the Feedburner feed might change or move to some other service in near future.  But that shouldn’t affect the readers.  These are the backend services that should not come in the way you consume Techacker content.

As a courtesy reminder, please note that the Feedburner feed address mentioned above will be moved permanently near the end of this month.

So please once again, update the subscription settings in your RSS readers to point to the correct feed.  Once again, the correct feed is:


And if you want to subscribe to Android only feed, then please point your reader to :


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for considering to subscribe to Techacker.